Friday, June 10, 2016

Another Friday InHealth Update

Not much has changed since last week, as the DOI is still noodling through how to proceed. One issue which had flown under the radar has to do with the ObamaTax:

As we've previously noted, placing the $500,000 claim cap on IH policies renders them ACA non-compliant, which means that folks will lose their subsidy if they stay. But it also means that they'd be subject to the ObamaTax if they stay on longer than 90 days. And they have but 60 days to make a switch.

Talk about rocks and hard places.

Still, I have at least one client that's already met her out-of-pocket for the year, and would have to start over again mid-year if she switches. She's going to have to decide how that will play out for her financially.

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