Thursday, June 02, 2016

Late-week LinkFest

First up, via FoIB Jeff M, this little factoid:

"North Carolina Leads The Nation In Health Insurance Mandates"

Most folks likely know by now about the ten Essential Health Benefits that make up the core of ObamaPlans, but the Tar Heel State's Powers That Be have decided that these don't go nearly far enough, and have imposed "56 health coverage mandates."

All "free" of course.

We've noted before the rather incestuous relationships enjoyed by folks in the upper echelons of the health insurance industry and those that "regulate' them. FoIB Holly R tips us to one about which we were unaware:

"Cigna lobbyist-turned-regulator playing the key role deciding if Cigna & Anthem can merge"

Now, we'll pass no judgement here regarding the merits of such a merger; we'll just note the old adage about foxes and hen houses.

The folks at United Healthcare have kindly sent us the latest schedule of first-dollar ("free") Preventive Care benefits released by the Rocket Surgeons in DC©. It includes adult blood pressure and sugar screening, and of course a litany of women's health bennies, including for iron deficiency and breast cancer.

What it still doesn't include is any such benefits for men. Why the misandry. HHS?
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