Thursday, June 02, 2016

Frustrating Carrier/DOI Trick

As regular readers know, Ohio's O'Care Co-Op, InHealth Mutual, bit the dust last week. This morning, Medical Mutual of Ohio let us know that they won't be paying commissions on any business that comes to them from InHealth.

I just spent a good chunk of the morning going 'round and 'round with the wonderful folks at the Department of Insurance, who kept shunting me from one department to another, insisting that this somehow isn't fraud, and then dumping me at a voice mailbox.

Look, this is so simple that even a government drone should be able to understand it: Medical Mutual's rates include a commission, they've announced their intention to keep that commission, they've not adjusted their rates to reflect this, therefore they are defrauding any InHealth Mutual client who switches to them.

But apparently our Betters in Columbus just don't care.

Your tax dollars at work.
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