Friday, May 20, 2016

The Doctor Won't See You Now

No doubt you have heard about the long lines in the airport due to TSA understaffing and poor morale. But have you tried to find a doctor willing to see you and accept your Obamacare health insurance plan?

The folks in DC are discovering their plan isn't exactly the gold, silver or bronze coverage they expected.
The average wait in the District to see a psychiatrist is almost three weeks, showing a glaring deficiency in mental health treatment in the city. The D.C. health care network, who’s mission is to, “implement a health care exchange program in the District of Columbia in accordance with the Affordable Care Act,” serves roughly 200,000 residents, reports NBC Washington - Daily Caller
Between skinny networks and high deductibles those who need care the most can't afford it.
“This study shows us that many people are not able to access needed care and people are paying for mental health care they cannot access,” 
Add to the mix the enormous paper work and requirements Obamacare places on doc's and you have a real mess.
A staggering 86 percent of psychiatrists in D.C.’s Health Insurance Exchange Network said they were unable to take on new patients or were completely unreachable.
How is that Obamacare working for you?

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