Monday, May 23, 2016

A Cancer Story

Full disclosure: I have yet to sell a cancer policy myself, but I've been told by more than a few colleagues that I'm remiss in this.

And here's a perfect illustration of why:

"When Shirley Tully was just starting her career ... in 1993, she had a number of reasons to buy cancer coverage. When she bought the policy, she wasn’t even eligible for some of the benefits, such as mammogram wellness benefits, because of her young age."

One day, that all changed:

"In September 2008, however, her life changed forever. When she visited the doctor for the follow-up appointment, she got the news: “Shirley, the test did not come back as well as we had hoped.”

Please click through for the rest of this incredibly moving, and ultimately uplifting story.

And maybe ask your agent about a cancer plan.
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