Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Of Belly Dances and Obamacare

Quick update on how our tax dollars are being spent to promote and enroll people in Obamacare.

A recent audit of the Nevada state Obamacare exchange looked at how money was spent on education, training, etc. Among other things they found this .......
Six of the nine navigator organizations offered explanations for the time they weren't at events, saying they were working on social media posts, emails, training or helping with walk-in customers, but auditors said it was still unclear whether those paid hours were spent on exchange-related activities.
Gilbert also took issue with auditors singling out one navigator organization's attendance at the belly dance and lingerie events, saying the exchange needs to target women who are self-employed or operate small businesses and prioritize women's health issues. He said the exchange's success came in part because it appeared at less-traditional events. - Herald Online

Less traditional indeed.

Where to I sign up?

#ObamacareFail  #LingerieShow
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