Wednesday, May 25, 2016

O'Care Hall of Shame (Part 367)

So, the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform has released the findings from its most recent survey of the last Open Enrollment (its 8th such). Those of us who've been following along at home are not surpriosed, but one suspects that folks who haven't been paying attention (and those with their eyes willfully closed) may well be.

For starters:

"Over half of QHP-eligible uninsured individuals have been uninsured for over three years." [ed: QHP = O'Care compliant]

This dovetails perfectly with how long we've been going through this charade. The very obvious conclusion is that the scheme is not working, period. The whole point was to get people insured, and that's clearly not happening.

"While awareness of penalties and subsidies continues to rise, fewer consumers understand their personal eligibility or are shopping."

Um, d'unh! People do understand quite well that even if they could afford the outrageous premiums, how do they afford the additional out-of-pocket costs?

As an aside, I find it interesting that it's quite difficult to determine how many people actually paid the ObamaTax: there are plenty of articles of how many were subject to it, and how many had the amount dinged from their tax refunds. But what about folks who were due no refund? How many of them actually ponied up?

'Tis a mystery.

Here's something quite interesting:

Almost 40% of those eligible for an ObamaPlan have opted not to sign up. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of this train-wreck, is it?

Not much of a surprise, either.

[Hat Tip: Allison Bell]
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