Friday, May 13, 2016

Compliance for Compliance

Attention employers who offer group insurance: the phone police might be calling.

CMS released an initiative this week where they may be asking for you to confirm an employees' eligibility for employer-sponsored coverage in 2016. Between April and June a contractor to CMS may be calling and asking employers "to attest that either a specific employee or a sample of employees are offered insurance that meets the affordability and minimum value tests".

Never fear employers, CMS stated that they are conducting this study to check what individuals are stating on their exchange applications - not to determine whether or not you should be paying the employer "shared responsibility" tax mandates.

Which brings us to this: if CMS is calling employers to verify affordability and minimum value of the employer plans for employees,
then why are employers being required to complete the whole 1094/1095 reporting requirements?

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