Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Unwise Traveler Tricks

First, our thoughts and prayers to Ms Jimenez and Mr Fox.

It doesn't get much worse than this:

"A Tampa-area college student lies in a Cuban hospital bed, having been injured in a collision outside Havana, and her friends and family are desperately trying to scrape together the $50,000 they need to get her airlifted to Florida."

The collision, it turns out, was not her fault (she was a passenger in a taxi that was hit by a truck).

But that's about all that's not her fault.

Let's begin here:

"Not having any health insurance..."

Now, go back to that first paragraph: "Tampa-area college student." A few minutes on the USF site seems to confirm that undergraduates aren't required to have health insurance (although they're obviously in violation of the Mandate). One also wonders why she's not on her parents' plan (assuming they have coverage).

Which then raises another question [ed: gee, wouldn't it be nice if the MSM actually did its job, and asked them?]: if she was uninsured, how did she get into Cuba in the first place?

After all:

"All overseas visitors to Cuba must have a travel insurance policy in place with sufficient cover for medical evacuation by air, the Cuban government has said"

So how, exactly, did she gain entry in the first place?

But Henry, travel medical insurance is expensive!

No, no it's not:

A plan that would pay up to $100,000 (more than enough to cover her expenses, according to the article) with a very modest $500 deductible would have set her back all of $28 for a month of coverage (and that would include air evac and hospital-related charges).

And by the way, this took less than 3 minutes to quote; one supposes that's still too much time for the "reporter" to invest.

Penny wise....
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