Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Skinny on Obamacare Access to Healthcare

Coverage for all sounds great. Maybe a politician will use that line some day. In the meantime, back to
Georgia had the highest percentage of “narrow’’ insurance networks in the 2014 health exchanges, a new report says.
Five of six Georgia “Silver” exchange plans last year had medical provider networks with a limited choice of doctors, the report said.
The 83 percent of Georgia plans having narrow networks surpassed that of all other states, according to University of Pennsylvania researchers. - Georgia Health News

Gosh, wonder why the carriers would do such a thing?
The report, released Monday, said health insurers are using narrow networks to keep premiums down as consumers shop for coverage on the exchanges, created under the Affordable Care Act. 
Got to make Obamacare affordable, even for those ordering off the dollar menu.

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