Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ObamaCare Aloha

Here's co-blogger Bob almost exactly a year ago:

"Hawaii Medical Services Association posted losses of $30.1 million in the first quarter and said it recorded $46.1 million in fees related to Obamacare."

Fortunately, the success of O'Care has helped immensely...

Wait. What?

"The Hawaii Health Connector has prepared a contingency plan to shut down operations by Sept. 30 after lawmakers failed to pass legislation to keep the state's troubled Obamacare insurance exchange afloat."

Looks like ObamaCare #Fail from sea to shining sea.

Under the plan, Aloha State residents will be cut off from enrolling in new plans at the end of this week, and be completely shuttered by the end of next February (costing another 73 hard-working Americans their jobs). It appears that Island citizens will be transitioned to the 404Care.gov site for Open Enrollment Season v3.0 beginning this fall.

Chalk up another one to the Unaffordable "Care" Act.
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