Monday, May 11, 2015

MassCare unraveling

We've been covering the Massachusetts health insurance Connector since it was merely a gleam in Johnathan Gruber's eyes. So it comes as less than a surprise to us that it continues to implode under the new ObamaTax regime. Thanks to the intrepid Josh Archambault (senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability), we learn that the noose is tightening. Turns out, Bay State Brahmins:
■ Failed to execute a contract with CGI, the vendor hired to build the site, that would track the progress of the project and ensure on-time delivery of a product that included all required features

■ Failed to implement a governance structure that would ensure ongoing quality of the project

[And worst of all:]

■ Attempted to conceal these shortcomings by misrepresenting the progress of the health insurance exchange to a number of stakeholders including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [among others]
Major no-no there. In fact, their behavior was so egregious that the Feds "have subpoenaed records related to the commonwealth’s ‘connector’ dating to 2010.”

In other words, this is now a criminal matter, with actual fines and (hopefully) jail time potentially on the table.

One wonders which of the other 57 states will be next...
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