Thursday, January 22, 2015

Obamacare with Thin Crust or Thick?

Next time you order a pizza think about Obamacare. The same folks that brought us lower health insurance
premiums and better coverage are helping us make better choices when it comes to pizza.
The FDA finalized an Obamacare-mandated rule in November that requires restaurants to display calorie information on their menus. However, there appears to be some confusion over what the FDA calls a “menu.”
I J Review

A menu is what the server hands you in a restaurant.

But it can also be a web page, advertising flyer, clip and save coupon .........

To make matters more complicated,
Considering that Domino’s customers can customize their own pizzas, there is an endless number of possible combinations of toppings, each of which has a different calorie count. Liddle said a low-ball estimate of combinations Domino’s offers is 34 million. Pizza Hut has 2 billion possible combinations.
Maybe pizza's should be broken down into 4 simple categories.

Bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

That would simplify everything.

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