Friday, January 23, 2015

Flashback Friday

Our 2nd ever post here was a recap of the "Top Insurance Swindlers" of Ought-four. It was a rogues gallery that included a "greedy granny" and an arsonist pastor, among others (no mention of the apocryphal cigar owner). In fact, you'll notice an edit dated earlier this month: a business owner had emailed me requesting that I modify an entry because - ten years on - it was adversely affecting her business.

Fast forward a decade, and we have the truly inspirational story of an entire family of (alleged) insurance fraudsters:

"Authorities said the ensuing probe uncovered a decades-long pattern of questionable insurance claims ... Six other people, including her husband, two children and daughter-in-law, also face charges."

Bet Thanksgiving dinner is a hoot.
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