Monday, August 25, 2014

Two Timely P&C Notes

■ Now that things seem to have down a bit in Ferguson, it's worth noting that the clean-up from all the looting and rioting will take some time, but that it's unlikely any of the damage will be covered by business owners' insurance policies.

According to P&C Guru Teresa S, "riots are not covered, therefore anything resulting from a riot is not covered.  It usually goes back to the government.  Looting, I would say is not covered due to it being part of the rioting."

So of course, you and I will become the insurers.

■ Now that school's starting back up, lots of student athletes will also be warming up on and off the field. Some of them, though, will become injured, perhaps bad enough to effectively end their college sports career - and scholarships.

Never fear, though,  California-based EPIC Insurance Brokers is now marketing their Education Protector plan:

"[T]he first of its kind policy that provides funds for tuition reimbursement in the event a student athlete is injured between receiving a verbal offer for an athletic scholarship or grant and signing a Letter of Intent, which binds the athletic scholarship or grant."

Apparently, they've done their homework [ed: heh] and determined that over 126,000 student athletes are expected to receive some $2 billion in scholarship money. That's a lot of cash at risk.

Cool idea.
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