Monday, August 25, 2014

(Sex) Ch-ch-changes

Well, it took some time, but the future is finally here:

"Then Payne, who had a wife and four children, realized she could no longer live as a man."

Wait, what?

Demonstrating the mother (er, father?) of all "pre-existing conditions," Ms Payne (and what a gloriously appropriate moniker) waited until her wife died of alcohol-related liver disease (gee, who could have seen that coming?) and then went shopping for a surgeon.

Thing is, this is expensive (if entirely elective) surgery, and she didn't think it was fair that she shoulder that burden alone. Her Blue Shield-issued ObamaPlan (and we taxpayers who foot some - maybe all - of the premiums) is now on the hook for some yet-to-be-determined chunk of change:

"She found an out-of-network doctor in Palo Alto who would do the surgery ... got a cashier’s check for nearly all her savings, $27,000, to pay the doctor, hoping her insurance plan would reimburse most of it."

You're welcome.

Her friend Jenny (Jerald?) hasn't been so fortunate: she also bought an ObamaPlan, but from the Volunteer State Exchange. Her doc was also out-of-network, and she had "no hope of reimbursement." Part of that is because her hormone regimen is only dispensed to women, and her ID still listed her as male (how cisgendered!). One supposes that that would be an easy fix (so to speak), but apparently not.

So of course she's moved to California, where she hopes to also glom onto a Covered California plan.

Wait, you didn't know that moving enabled you to buy a new plan?


On the other hand, they probably don't have to worry about the free birth control.
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