Monday, August 18, 2014

T.R.A.G.I.C. is Back and Still Clueless

T.R.A.G.I.C. (Teachers Rally Against Georgia Insurance Choices) is in the news again, railing against the new SHBP (State Health Benefit Plan) choices. 

They whined earlier this year when they came out of the ether and realized the plan choices for 2014 which were FULLY EXPLAINED during open enrollment did not meet their expectations.

Perhaps a remedial reading class is in order.

The state completely revamped the 2014 plans and made RETROACTIVE changes to add doctor copay's. This only partially placated them.

They still whined.

Now the state of Georgia has released pro forma information on 2015 plans. Instead of one carrier (Blue Cross) state employees will have 3 choices with the addition of UHC and Kaiser.
“They’ve brought back options –- that’s a huge win,’’ Cline, founder of TRAGIC, told GHN on Monday. “But if you have choices that are unaffordable, there’s no benefit.”
Cline added, “The deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum are still way out of line with the salaries of SHBP members, and out of line with comparable plans offered under the University System of Georgia.”
Georgia Health News

Well ...........

Teachers and other state employees are not obligated or compelled to take the SHBP coverage. They can go into the market place and pick an individual or family plan that meets their needs and budget.

They can also seek employment elsewhere.

And the renewed complaint about SHBP coverage being less comprehensive that plans offered to UGA employees? The University does not participate in the SHBP. They have their own plan.

School systems are free to do the same. Go find their own plan rather than listening to whiny teachers.
Last week, the Department of Community Health said that not only would those staying in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield HRA not see any increase in premiums for next year’s plan, but that members who had Gold plans and were looking to switch would see reduced premiums.
But Cline said Monday that she is most concerned about the difference in cost between the Blue Cross HMO and the one run by United – more than $140 a month. Many members are unhappy with their current Blue Cross plan, she said.

Can't win here.

The 2014 and 2015 plans are designed comply with Obamacare rules.

You get lower premiums (from UHC) but want to keep your Blue plan.


This isn't Burger King.

You can't have it your way.

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