Monday, August 18, 2014

Stupid Congressman Tricks

Democratic member of the House Ron Barber is donating his Obamacare subsidy to charity! What a great act of kindness.

Under PPACA, all members of Congress are required to purchase their insurance through the DC Health Link. Unlike you and I, these congresscritters are allowed to receive their traditional employer contribution - not a subsidy - from the Federal Government under the FEHB Plan. This contribution, which could exceed $900 a month, comes from our tax dollars. It is also tax deductible to Mr. Barber.

To recap: taxpayers provide what could amount to $900+ per month for Mr. Barber and his spouse for health insurance that is tax deductible. Mr. Barber then goes on to donate this amount, which he also will deduct from his taxes, to charity. Yes, he is taking your money and giving it to charity and using it to his advantage for tax purposes.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Mr. Barber is 68 years old. Anyone see what I just did there?

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