Thursday, May 15, 2014

While You Are At It

The failure of (the Obamacare exchange) is notorious (and it still isn't fixed). Less
publicized are stories about the number of state exchanges built with federal tax dollars.

Not only were many of the state exchanges not "shovel ready" but most seem to be almost as inoperable as

A couple of U.S. Senators want their (our) money back.
HHS awarded a total of $4.7 billion in exchange construction grants, act supporters say, citing Congressional Research Service figures.
Four exchanges facing significant problems have spent $474 million in grant money, supporters say.
“It’s only fair that states have to pay American taxpayers and the federal government back for their total incompetence,” Barrasso said in a statement.
Great idea.
Now how about a refund to the taxpayers that funded this mess to the tune of $1 trillion?

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