Friday, May 16, 2014

In-and-Out Info

So, some ObamaTax news from different ends of the spectrum:

OUT - So you don't want to buy a health insurance plan, but you also don't want to pay the fine penalty tax surcharge; what to do?

Well, you could apply for an exemption. Ms Shecantbeserious and her helpful minions have made available a downloadable guide to the ins-and-outs of qualifying for a get outta jail free card.

Your tax dollars at work.

IN - On the other hand, you decide that yeah, it'd be a good idea to buy a plan after all, but the next Open Enrollment Period is still months away. Isn't there some way to open up one's own little enrollment period?

Indeed there is (or may be); Aetna helpfully emailed with a reminder that there are several different events that could "trigger" a Special Open Enrollment, including:

Permanent Move - this one may be tricky: you'll need to provide proof of both prior and new residence locations.

Employer's Bankruptcy - this is aimed specifically at retirees who were covered by a former employer's retiree health plan.

Birth - this would trigger a Special Open Enrollment Period for the entire family. But beware of timing!

Can I get fries with that?
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