Monday, April 21, 2014

May I Have the Envelope Please?

And the winner is . . .  

(pregnant pause)

One company, though, stands out from the crowd as probably the single biggest real winner from Obamacare so far -- private health insurance exchange operator eHealth

The national insurance brokerage firm did something the federal government could not.

Establish and run a WORKING consumer portal to facilitate the search for and purchase of Obamacrap health insurance policies.

And . . . they did it without taxpayer dollars, taxpayer funded road shows, nightly news updates on the status of Ocare and even more taxpayer funded celebrity commercials.

EHealth's stock also steadily climbed during October as the federal website suffered through an embarrassing launch. 
Why was eHealth so much more successful on this front? One reason could be that the company's website is easier to use than the federal site.
In a survey of shoppers on the company's website who selected Obamacare plans this year, more than half indicated that they were previously uninsured
The federal government hasn't released any official figures on how many previously uninsured individuals have signed up. 

Private industry vs. DC incompetence.

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