Monday, April 21, 2014

Bounty Hunter

What happens when you can't get enough people to follow the "law of the land" and purchase
health insurance they don't want and can't afford unless the government robs the rich to pay the poor?

If you can't threaten, coax, cajole or force them to buy, you pay a bounty hunter.
At least 79 tax service providers, including offices of major companies like Liberty Tax Service and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, are listed as certified Obamacare enrollment entities in the state of California, according to state exchange records.
California’s Obamacare exchange, Covered California, pays enrollment entities for signing people up for Obamacare.
“Certified Enrollment Entities are paid a flat-fee of $58 per successful application and $25 per successful annual renewal,” according to California Health Benefit Advisers. ”The Enrollment Entities compensate the individual Enrollment Counselors.”
Apparently taxpayer funded commercials wasn't enough to get the job done.
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