Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Risk Parade

There's wild turkey (for the roaster, fryer or smoker) and then there's Wild Turkey (for the shot glass or the tumbler). While most of us are quite aware of the risks involved in preparing the former (salmonella, fire, etc), we shouldn't overlook the risks inherent in serving the latter.

Margarita (heh!) Tapia, of the IIABA tips us that "party hosts need to understand their responsibilities when inviting others into their homes and serving food and drinks."

That includes potent potables, of course, but also food that your guests may bring, or that you have catered in. The organization reminds us that:

"Even if food was prepared outside your home by a caterer, another guest, a local deli or the neighborhood pizza joint, YOU could be held liable if someone becomes ill from consuming it on your property. Make sure that you check food and don’t put anything out that you suspect may be undercooked, spoiled or contaminated. Use only reputable food purveyors. Follow proper food-handling, heating/cooling and storage recommendations. When in doubt, throw it out."

In that vein, Allstate has provided a useful "infographic" about some of the risks associated with Turkey Day Mayhem:

[Click to embiggen]
Allstate also notes that " an average of 67,500 homeowners insurance claims occur during the holidays, and some threats to home security and safety rise significantly during the holiday season."

Not to mention (but of course we will), "there are three times more turkey fryer claims during the holiday season than any other time of the year." And the "median cost for turkey fryer-related claims is almost $29,000."

That's some expensive bird.

Have fun tomorrow - but be careful, too.
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