Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Health Co-Ops Never Had a Chance

"[T]hese co-ops, started as a great hope for lowering insurance costs, are already in danger, says the Washington Post." (Tip o' the hat to John Goodman at NCPA.)

But wait.  I sense something, a presence I've not felt since . . .

. . . since January 4, 2013:   "Turns out, the CO-OPs are now taking their turn under the bus"

. . . or since January 7, 2013:  " Notwithstanding this generous, reckless federal plunge into more “investments” it does not understand, CO-OPs will encounter harsh reality . . .  I think the appropriate taxpayer response to CO-OPS, is “Uh-oh”."

. . . or since  June 12, 2013:  "[T]he Freelancers’ Union which in 2012 was granted $341 million in Federal loans to set up an insurance CO-OP under Obamacare  . . . says that Obamacare’s onerous regulations and taxes will burden its innovative health insurance model for the self-employed with enormous added costs.”  In other words, Freelancers’ problems are the same Obamacare problems that businesses and other insurance companies have been warning about for the past four years.   They were neither unpredictable nor unexpected."

Oh nowwww I get it.  The presence I sense is yet another impractical Obamacare Great Hope evaporating into thin air under the unforgiving sun of reality (and, lest we forget, the presence of yet more billions of taxpayer dollars evaporating along with it).
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