Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spain's Obamacare on the Ropes

Spain is like most other European countries in providing their own version of Obamacare, a
government managed health care delivery system funded by taxpayers. And like other countries that provide "health care for all", the program is bleeding profusely.
"The impact we have seen in the year since the reform is simply devastating," the president of the organisation, Alvaro Gonzalez, told a news conference, launching a new publicity campaign against the cuts.
Citing government figures, he said 873,000 people had had their access to Spain's free public healthcare system discontinued since September 2012 -- most of them immigrants whose entitlement lapsed because they lost their jobs.

Almost a million people have lost access to "free" health care in the last year. Immigrants who lost their jobs and health insurance.

One supposes they could just pay for health care but that defeats the purpose of free.
"The government is insisting that the economy is recovering... but still our health system, which in past years was the envy of neighbouring countries, is suffering one cut after another," Gonzalez said.
Is Obama running their country too? 
Some of the regional authorities that control local health budgets have also started making patients pay part of the cost of their prescriptions.
"This has meant that 16 percent of the pensioners in our country are being cast out of the healthcare system because they cannot meet the cost of paying for medicine for their chronic illnesses," Gonzalez said.
Pensioners would be the equivalent of U.S. seniors on Social Security and Medicare. Is this a prediction of what will happen here?

Donde esta Obamacare?
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