Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Down, Ninety-Nine More To Go

Obamacare navigators. Much has been written about this job creation project that is tied to
Obamacare. Take 3 days of training and you are qualified to answer any and all questions about Obamacare. Background checks not required.

The state of Georgia decided to pass on creating our own exchange which meant the feds had to handle that task . . . along with setting up exchanges in 32 other states.

Navigators will earn $10 - $14 per hour and even more if you are fluent in Spanish or other languages.

Georgia's insurance commissioner has not hid his feelings about Obamacare. One good thing he did for the citizens was to require 40 hours of training and a proficiency exam before you can work as a navigator.

So what's the problem?
A major part of The Affordable Care Act will go into effect and some say Georgia is nowhere near ready and the state's top insurance official won't talk about the topic.
Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary has learned there will be very few people ready to help Georgians sign up for health insurance when the law takes effect next week.
The state has issued a license to just one navigator and there should be nearly 100. 

One navigator to serve the entire state.

That person will be very busy.
"Isn't it the insurance commissioner's job to inform Georgians about what are your options in obtaining that health care?" (State Sen. Nan) Orrock asked.
No it isn't.

There are insurance agents who can handle that task. Navigators are not now, nor were they ever needed to promote Obamacare.
"I don't think that accelerating anyone's entry into a program that I believe is destined for failure is doing anyone any kind of service," (State Sen. Josh) McKoon said.
"I think the reason we're not hearing more about it in Georgia is that we're going to see over the next couple of months, I think, is the beginning of the end of The Affordable Care Act because it is a tremendous over promise," McKoon said.


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