Friday, September 20, 2013

ObamaTax Health Exchange (Marketplace) news

So yesterday, I did my Exchange training and exams. Started at about 9:30 in the morning, finished about 4:30 in the afternoon.

I understand Pat completed this in just a few hours, but he's a lot younger (and apparently smarter) than I am. And I also took the liberty of saving all the training material for future reference (which no doubt added some time, as well)

I'll have a more complete report soon, but here are some of my initial impressions fresh off the training and exams:

I'll just say this: if you're comfortable having ALL your personal medical, financial, tax and what-all info being zipped around between SSA, IRS and DHS (Department of Homeland Security?? Really??), then by all means head right for 'em on 10/1 (assuming they're actually online then).

I'm pretty knowledgeable about this stuff (really!) and even I was amazed and appalled at the level of intrusion this train-wreck has wrought. Oh, and you'll be pleased to know that as taxpayers, you'll have the double-mitzvah of paying through the nose not just for your own health care, but for all those wonderful "others" who qualify for premium and "cost-sharing" subsidies.

Here's my favorite part, though:

"QHPs [Qualified Health Plans] in a Marketplace must also provide coverage that meets one of five levels of generosity ... It is important to emphasize that AV is an average measure of generosity ... the percentage of medical costs the plan will cover after premium payments."

And just who's being generous with MY money? Oh, yeah.

And to top it off, this just in at the WSJ:

"Less than two weeks before the launch of insurance marketplaces created by the federal health "overhaul, the government's software can't reliably determine how much people need to pay for coverage"

Yeah, this is going to end well....
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