Saturday, September 21, 2013

How uninformed can NYT readers, commentors possibly be?

Every once in awhile you see a comment that just makes you stop and ask how clueless and misguided people can be, then you remember they are allowed to vote.

Your typical NYT tripe from some blowhard that doesn't understand 90% of what he is talking about. The real gem is down in the comments though;

  • mikeoshea
  • Hadley, NY
"All Republican Congresspeople - except those on Medicare - should be required to buy their own and their family's health care BY THEMSELVES, just as I must buy my wife's (I'm on Medicare, thank the gods) health insurance by myself."

Odd, I thought that is exactly what the law (ACA) required.....until a Democrat President ordered OPM to ignore the law and subsidize it. I also have seen only Republicans fighting to undo the waiver.

In a news report today, Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D., expressed his opposition to the Obamacare exemption for Members of Congress and their congressional staffs.

This is yet another example of the Obama administration changing the law for political gain,” Gingrey said. “The exemption for members of Congress and their staffs must be rescinded. Between increased health care costs, scores of missed deadlines and political handouts to friends, this is further proof that Obamacare must be repealed.”

Lets all just hope this Mike O'Shea idiot doesn't vote. And to the NYT, great job informing your readers there paper of record! 
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