Friday, March 15, 2013

Obamacare Dead Broke

I have a pre-existing condition and have been on the pre-existing condition insurance plan, Obamacare, for more than a year. My out-of-pocket expense was increased 10 percent in January.

Now, a new frightening message is active when I call the customer service number, (800) 220-7898.

All citizens should call this number and listen to the automated message, which affects our coverage and our bank accounts. Private carriers never would do this.

How would you feel if you paid your monthly premiums, used in-network facilities, obtained prior authorizations and followed the rules, all for coverage to hinge on the whims of federal funding? Regardless of prior authorization, if federal funds are exhausted, the insured is declined coverage. You are placed in a possible bankruptcy mode because the plan failed you, and you have no recourse. Where is the security in this wonderful plan for those with pre-existing conditions?

Insureds likely will be awaiting approval from Congress, like those who previously awaited unemployment benefits. We are then subjected to personal bankruptcy because we have no choice but to take a drink of the unread 2,700 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo Kool-Aid.

The insurance plan can announce federal funding loss negating its responsibility to its insureds. It can take your premium and not pay your claims. This is wrong, and I hope it does not affect you.

Government does not belong in the health-care industry.

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