Friday, March 15, 2013

HIX Overload

When DC critters plotted the grandiose scheme to take over the delivery of health insurance they did not expect so much push back . . . at least not early on.

They thought carriers would rush to get on board and pick up thousands of new policyholders.

Most carriers are running away.

DC imagined lower premiums and more choices.

What they got were significantly higher premiums and fewer choices.

Washington just knew the states would be anxious to control their destiny and set up the exchanges (HIX).

At this point, the feds will have to run HIX in 33 states.
Gary Cohen, who spearheads exchange implementation for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said some of the approved states face hurdles that could require Washington to step in with federal exchanges before open enrollment starts on October 1.
Cohen said the main hurdles for states are development of information technology systems for applicant enrollment eligibility and continued legal and political challenges from reform opponents.
"The biggest challenges are for states that started later. Obviously, they have less time," he said.


Wonder if Mr. Cohen still believes in the tooth fairy as well?
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