Saturday, March 09, 2013

How do companies like WSJ survive

Henry linked to a story in the WSJ. Sure that it'd be worth the read if Henry linked it, I clicked on over. I have the free subscription but this required a paid subscription; $21 a month seemed step for digital, no printing cost or delivery fee, but I was willing to take a chance. That is where it all went downhill and reminded me why I don't subscribe to many Main Stream Media outlets any more, print or digital.

After finally finding the link to subscribe, I completed the order form, gave them my credit card number and then was meet with one undecipherable error after another. Oddly, just clicking submit again made the first couple go away. When I got to "Security Question is required" that is where I got stuck for good. They don't ask a Security Question, making it very hard to answer said security question. 

so, figured I'd just call Customer Service and figure out what is wrong. That was the fatal mistake, and where I draw the line. If your customer service department serving America to take orders can't understand English well enough to carry a simple conversation you don't deserve my money. I find it impossible to believe with 7.7% unemployment you can't find and afford English speaking staff to take $21 a month from me. After 2-3 minutes of her not even being able to answer simple English questions I gave up and said I wasn't subscribing. 
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