Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday ObamaTax LinkFest

In no particular order:

Sales ObamaTaxes - Did you know that there's a sales tax on the policies we'll have to buy? Yep, ObamaTaxed if you do, ObamaTaxed if you don't.


As Nate's indicated, small business is a lot more interested in self-funded plan designs these days. Even The Gray Lady seems to have noticed. Of course, according to the solons at that august publication, it's a "loophole."

If you say so.

■ Upward, ever upward: The Congressional Budget Office has issued newly revised estimates of what those ostensible ObamaTax "subsidies" (aka redistribution) are going to cost.


■ Finally, the preference cascade of businesses ditching their health insurance plans continues apace. Grocery behemoth Kroger's CEO acknowledges this reality, as does Dunkin' Donuts (mmmm, donuts). As we've noted before, Wendy's is certainly considering it, as is Taco Bell. The Financial Times has a pretty exhaustive round-up of employers looking to get off the health insurance roller coaster.
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