Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DNRs & Libertarian Choices

Was helping a friend deal with some family medical issues that unfortunately are not looking good. Due to inadequate insurance they are not getting the care they need. The problem is actually very solvable, they are just choosing not to solve it.

This made me think of Do Not Resuscitate(DNR) orders, perfectly legal requests that medical care not be provided. The individual above has self imposed a DNR on themselves by not taking the steps to get the insurance that will allow them to get the care they require to stay alive. All perfectly legal.

Why can't someone choose to forgo insurance and make the same decision? Instead of spending $5000 per year in health insurance, they'd rather spend the money someplace else, which should be a perfectly legal decision. We as society will honor that decision and not provide them care if something does happen.

This thought process is considered uncivilized, cruel, and all sorts of other not-so-nice adjectives. We are told Society has to provide care to those that need it. OK, then why don't we need to provide the same care to those that sign DNRs?  What about those that refuse to seek treatment they need, like non-compliant diabetics? Shouldn't care also be forced on them?
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