Thursday, February 07, 2013

Medicaid Sleight-of-Hand?

Here in the Buckeye State, our (Republican) Governor has opted to buy into the ObamaTax Medicaid expansion program, to the consternation of many conservatives and/or fellow Republicans. Likewise Jan Brewer in The Grand Canyon State, and several others. Since we're not a political blog, we generally leave it to others to dissect the "behind the scenes" for us, and today Josh Archambault, co-blogger at Avik Roy's Apothecary blog at Forbes, does a masterful job:

"Governors are not the sole policymakers in their respective states ... The other state trying to experiment with reforming Medicaid in a meaningful manner is Florida. HHS granted approval earlier this week for a waiver to allow more long term  care patients into managed care. However, the state is still waiting for a federal decision on a second Medicaid waiver that would allow Florida to move the bulk of its other Medicaid recipients into a statewide managed care program"

As usual, Avik cuts through a lot of the rhetoric (on all sides) to get at the kernel(s) of truth.

Read the whole thing.
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