Friday, February 08, 2013

HealthTech Update

Even as the ObamaTax takes a bite out of medical R&D, some folks continue to develop cutting edge health care solutions. Cases in point:

■ We're all familiar with those MedicAlert bracelets (and even tattoos!). Now, ScanMed QR has come out with a smart-phone app that promises to digitize this often vital info. It's pretty remarkable, especially since one can "dynamically enter, edit and change information." The company plans to market the app's associated devices through pharmacies and other retail outlets.

■ FoIB Holly R tips us to this somewhat creepy new technology:

"Autodesk is developing CAD tools that can design new blood vessels, liver tissue and other replacement parts for the human body in collaboration with 3-D bioprinter company Organovo"

The idea is that, someday, we can actually print out organs in real-time. The tech is still in its infancy (heh!), but seems promising.

On the other hand, imagine the cost of replacing those printer cartridges.

■ Finally, one more smart phone-related item:

"[W]ould you want to know in under 10 seconds if your daughter, wife, mother or other loved one was in danger and needed assistance?"

Well, Clandestine Development has, er, developed a personal safety application for iPhones and Androids (sadly, my brand new 2007 tech phone isn't on the list). It touts the product as "the only app that utilizes patent-pending IntelliTouchTM technology, which activates upon natural, human reaction and responds instantaneously without requiring the users interaction to emergency situations."

But don't just take our word for it:

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