Friday, October 12, 2012

MVNHS©: Just ignore it and she'll go away

The Much Vaunted National Health System© keeps finding new ways to kill off its victims "beneficiaries:"

"Mother-of-four Jeannine Harvey died after doctors missed her advanced cervical cancer 30 times ... By the time Harvey's cervical cancer was treated, the tumor had become infected and shattered her pelvic bone. She died shortly afterwards."

It's difficult to imagine a more painful way to go (although I'm sure the MVNHS© will keep looking). And it's not like the signs weren't there all along. But under government run health "care" schemes (like, for example, the ObamaTax plan), the incentive is on saving costs, not lives.

But I'm sure that there are some in the Obamastration that think this is pretty funny.
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