Friday, October 12, 2012

Minimum, Shminimum

Ohio has joined the list of states thumbing their noses at HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious:

"Gov. John Kasich’s administration won’t meet this week’s deadline for establishing the minimum benefits Ohioans will be entitled to in 2014 under the [ObamaTax]."

As we've noted, it's not so much a refusal to cooperate as it is pointing out Madame Secretary's dereliction of her own duties:

"Lt. Gov. [and Insurance Commissioner] Mary Taylor ... cited a lack of information and guidance for Ohio’s failure to submit its list of “essential health benefits.”

After all, absent these guidelines - which the ObamaTax itself requires to be made available in a timely fashion - there's no way for any state to legitimately comply.

Oh bother.

And by the way, 19 of the 58 states have thus far avoided that deadline:

"10 of the states that have not recommended EHB benchmark plans have taken steps such as analyzing existing state benefit mandates and assessing benchmark plan options. Nine states ...  have taken no formal steps toward recommending benchmark plans."

Small wonder, since Madam Secretary still can't be bothered to publish the guidelines. I'm sure Kathy finds it all very amusing.
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