Monday, June 18, 2012

"We have to change and we know that"

The Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act is expected the week of June 25th, so the chatter is picking up again.   Kaiser Health News has an interesting article here that includes this comment:

“We have to change and we know that,” said Ken Raske, president and CEO of the Greater New York Hospital Association, which represents 250 hospitals and medical care facilities. “But it’s easier if you’re going to build the building to have the shovels and picks and the hammer and nails than trying to dig it out with your hands. That’s what the Affordable Health Care Act is.”

I think this suggests an attitude within the hospital industry that is worth thinking about.  Although Raske concedes hospitals have a business imperative to change, he warns they might have to slow down, unless government provides “shovels and picks and the hammer and nails”.  Since the Federales cannot supply these literal tools to the hospital industry I think it’s clear Raske is talking about money.  

The attitude is that, unless the government pays for change, change will be slow or nonexistent.  I just don’t accept that attitude.  Do you?

When other, non-hospital businesses have to change and they know it, what do they do?  Do they rely on their own resources?  Or do they rely first on getting government money - and tell their customers that they might not change – or might change slowly – if they don’t get it?  You know the answer.

Short version of the above - News flash:  the hospital industry says it must have more money from the government or it might slow down efforts to serve its patients better.
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