Monday, June 18, 2012

Out of Focus

Consumer Reports will begin evaluating and grading doctors, perhaps in much the same way as they do appliances and automobiles. According to the folks at Amednews, this pilot project will start in Gov. Romney's home state of Massachusetts, then eventually to other states.

Survey questions covered six general areas of the patient experience: communication; coordination of care; how well physicians get to know patients; the patient’s experience with office staff; whether the physician advised the patient on staying healthy; and pediatric care.

This is well and good but in most situations, the patient is ultimately responsible for their health. A patient that has a steady diet of cheeseburgers and Ding Dongs will never be healthy until they opt for a lifestyle change . . . something that is beyond the control of the physician.
“For me, what’s not addressed in this is the patient side of things,” he said. “Has the patient received the information and education they need, and are they doing what they were advised to do?”
A nation that is approaching a 50% obesity rate needs to invest in bathroom scales and a full length mirror. If your clothing size has an "X" on the label the problem is not your doctor.
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