Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So, are you a Hep Cat?

FoIB Jeff M alerts us to this disturbing news for the Boomers among us:

"A government proposal that all baby boomers get tested for hepatitis C may be drawing high praise for its potential health benefits, but it’s also raising questions about the unintended consequences of screening for those seeking insurance."

We see this a lot: doc's prescribing tests and/or med's for conditions that may (or, you know, may not) exist, which then show up in the medical records of folks seeking insurance. I recently spoke with a Long Term Care insurance prospect whose physician had prescribed a particular med for her anxiety; this has caused her some grief in the application process.

The Hep C issue is, I must admit, news to me. On the one hand, it was a routine blood exam for a life insurance policy that turned up HIV in a famous professinal athlete. On the other, well:

"Even treatment for hepatitis C might not guarantee acceptance since current protocols may not be 100 percent effective."

I do have a problem with this:

"I would never, ever tell anybody to delay getting any kind of medical exam ... But you have an advantage over the insurance company if you apply for insurance before undergoing any kind of medical checkups.”


Here's the problem: life and health applications ask not just whether you've seen a doc recently, but whether or not you've experienced any "issues" which might be a clue that you do so. Long Term Care apps are especially stringent on these points. And although carriers routinely act stupidly, they're not run by stupid people.
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