Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PCIP Abuse

PCIP is one of the few things in Obamacare that I support, even AFTER the government decided they would stop paying insurance agents a finders fee.

I seriously doubt the bozo's in DC considered how easily their plan could be manipulated. Consider this posting by an insurance agent in an industry forum.

I recently spoke with a friend that doesn't have any coverage. She needs major back surgery quick. They met with the hospital and projected charges are 150,000. The billing department suggested buying the PCIP plan, paying a few months premium, and then if they can't afford the premium to drop the coverage, everything gets paid for pennies on the dollar. Seems the hospital is encouraging this ploy. Wonder how often this is being done?

Every day, Ned.

Every day.

There are also agents that field calls from women who are pregnant and need health insurance. Care to guess where they are referred?


God bless Obama.
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