Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have Obamacare. The law no one bothered to read before voting on it (and many still haven't read it).

In spite of the fact it was never really embraced by the public and their disdain for the law continues to grow with each passing day, apparently we are stuck with this fiasco . . . at least for a while.

Comes now the Republican party that wants to replace Obamneycare with a monster of their own. For some reason, I doubt it will be a new, improved version.

The folks at The Hill wanted to let us know about this little gem.

Republicans have made good on their promise to try to repeal Obama’s healthcare law, but the “replace” part of their “repeal and replace” strategy has proved more difficult. Pitts said Republicans will be ready for the opening a Supreme Court ruling will provide — no matter what the justices decide.

If the court strikes down the law’s individual mandate, or the entire law, the GOP can present its plan as an alternative. If the court upholds the mandate, renewed attention to the issue could still give Republicans an election-season opening to argue that they have a concrete agenda on healthcare

It seems the Keystone Cops in the Republican party want to have SOMETHING to fill the void if the law is repealed even if that something is still flawed.

One positive thing (in my opinion) is the current practice of medically underwriting would be preserved under the Republican plan. Their solution is to allow "state based" risk pools where the sickest would go for insurance and have their premiums subsidized by taxpayers.

I don't have a problem with that per se, but about 40 states already have that in place in the form of risk pools or "guaranteed issue".

In other words, the "you can no longer be discriminated against by insurance carriers" under Obamneycrap was always a bit of a red herring any way. Most folks with pre-existing conditions have multiple options for securing health insurance if they really wanted it.

Along these lines, PCIP was one provision of Obamneycrap that I actually thought was a good idea, but one that was poorly implemented.

Georgia does not have a risk pool meaning some folks were disenfranchised from the system when they needed it more. We now have PCIP, federal edition, thanks to Obamneycrap.

All in all it isn't a bad plan and is priced right considering the benefit levels and "no underwriting" approach. However, it has not been well received because it isn't free.

Of course Obamneycrap isn't free either.

the committee will also send a bill to the floor this spring to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an expert panel tasked with cutting Medicare payments to doctors. Energy and Commerce could also renew its push to roll back a piece of the new law that prohibits states from cutting their Medicaid eligibility until 2014, when Medicaid is set to expand.

A hit and a miss here.

The IPAB, AKA "death panels" is a bad idea all around and should be eliminated. Why should we allow folks in DC to decide how our doctor should treat us?

Medicaid is already a massive hole in state budgets. Obamneycrap is only going to make it worse. States are attempting to salvage Medicaid by tightening the qualification rules.

I have no problem with that.

While I applaud the Republicans for doing something, the bottom line for me is, tell DC to keep their mitts off my health care. Washington does not have to micromanage every aspect of my life.

If I want to use 5 gallons every time I flush and burn 100 watt incandescent bulbs I will. It is my money and I will spend it the way I see fit.
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