Friday, January 27, 2012

$howing us the money

Take a gander at this:

There's no question that the cost of health care, both its delivery and the financing thereof, has become an ever-increasing burden on the consumer. Although it's not the primary cause of the problem, ObamneyCare© has certainly exacerbated it, by decreasing consumers' "skin in the game" and choices, and increasing the cost of both health care (scarcity) and health insurance.

Americans are not stupid: they can see the disconnect every time they look at their pay stub or pay their insurance bill, or write a check at the doctor's office. Would that Washington actually understood this.

And couple that with this little tidbit:

"Just 1% of Americans accounted for 22% of health care costs in 2009"

Make of that what you will...

[Hat Tip: Warren Robak]
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