Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ObamaWaiver© Update: Old Eyes and Hawkeyes

We've long castigated the ostensible seniors' advocacy organization for throwing its own members under the ObamaBus©. But just like Harry Reid and others, this hypocritical group, which pushed long and hard for ObamaCare© itself, has received its own ObamaWaiver©:

"Although not specifically mentioned by name in the rate review rules finalized last Thursday by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the rule that exempts Medigap insurance providers is clearly designed to benefit the largest seller of such policies and the biggest lobbyist for ObamaCare — the American Association of Retired Persons."

Bet you didn't know that AARP makes the bulk of its money not from its members (nominal) dues, but by its affiliation programs, including its line of Medigap plans.

Remember, this is the organization that's fine with Death Panels, just not the death of its own cash cow.

But of course, it's not just groups like AARP that want out from under this train wreck. Like Nevada and Maine, we can now add the home of Radar O'Reilly to the list of states that have requested their own ObamaWaiver©:

"Health insurers could avoid paying $3.4 million in rebates to customers if federal regulators allow Iowa to delay a component of health care legislation meant to curb insurance company profits and overhead."

That's the Medical Loss Ratio requirement.

"Six insurers pulled out of Iowa's individual health market last summer after [ObamaCare©] was passed ... State regulators fear that even more companies will leave."

So the idea that ObamaCare© will increase competition, choice and availability seems to be circling the proverbial drain.

Imagine that.
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