Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dentists Say No To Medicaid

Dentists are refusing to treat patients with Medicaid and SCHIP due to low reimbursement rates. Patients paying cash or with private insurance don't have these same issues. Only those with "free" insurance courtesy of the taxpayer.

The LA Times reports.

children on Medicaid were 38 times more likely to be denied any appointment by dentists who were not enrolled in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program -- and were still 18 times more likely to be rejected by even those dentists who did accept Medicaid insurance.

That's a real bummer.

Why the prejudice against the publicly insured? The study authors cite a lot of potential reasons: "low fees, less patient compliance, negative attitudes toward beneficiaries, and administrative requirements being too burdensome.

All of this may well be true, but consider this. Come 2014 when Obamacrap unwraps it is expected there will be some 20 million new enrollee's in Medicaid.

Free insurance and no place to go.
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