Monday, January 24, 2011

Health Care Reform - Walking Down Memory Lane

Been there, done that.

For those too young to remember, here is a refresher course on health insurance mandates and how it affects small (and large) business.

Godfathers is a large, small business.

Godfather stores are mostly franchises, with about 100 that are company owned. Franchise owners are small business men and women who must balance costs, including payroll, against prices they can charge in a competitive market.

Restaurants have been hit hard during this recession, and increased costs in the form of forced health insurance could very well force those businesses to close down.

Government operates on the basis of spending whatever they wish without regard to balancing a budget and the belief that if they need more money, all that is required is to raise prices (taxes).

The raising taxes part works for them because they do not have competition and they have the power to do whatever they want with impunity (except at election time).

And of course we know how well the balanced budget part is working . . .

Of course Clinton's health care plan never got off the ground, and thank God for that.

Along comes Obamacrap with the same issues as with HillaryCare but an economy that is even less able to absorb the increased taxes and job losses.

Same game, different name.

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