Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stupid Government Trick: Hit a cop, Sell a Policy

We had to go back all the way to our very first year (2005!) to find an idea this reprehensible:

"On at least six occasions, state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink approved felons’ applications to sell insurance in Florida."

Ms Sink, currently running for Governor of the Sunshine State, presently serves as the state's Chief Financial Officer. It's not just that her office thought this was a good idea, but she (apparently) personally signed off on all six applications. And these weren't speeding tickets or spitting on the sidewalk, either:

"(A)pplicants ... had been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to ... Assault on a police officer ... Resisting arrest with violence ... Grand larceny" and several other serious offenses. Florida, as in most states, prohibits convicted felons from obtaining licenses to sell insurance. Unfortunately, these six (that we know of) fellows were approved to sell life and health insurance policies (now there's a scary thought!) to unsuspecting prospects.

It certainly gives new meaning to high pressure sales.

[Hat Tip: Hot Air]
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