Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Dog, New Trick: Apologia

Years ago, Saturday Night Live featured a funny sketch called "Common Knowledge," the point of which was to show that a lot of what we think we know is, in fact, wrong. This past summer, in one of my posts about Ohio's new ObamaPool©, I inadvertently mis-characterized how renewal rates are calculated in the individual market. I said:

"by law, carriers can't single out individual insureds for rate increases"

Turns out, there is no such law; the relevant section of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) is silent as to this issue. This discrepancy was pointed out to me by the reporter who wrote the story on which that post was based, Ms Carrie Ghose; she emailed me yesterday to challenge my claim regarding renewals. After poring over the ORC (and checking with other sources), I found, to my dismay, that there is no such provision. I've updated the original post with this information, but in fairness to Ms Ghose, I wanted to make sure that our readers know the facts regarding renewal rates in the Ohio individual medical market.
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