Monday, September 13, 2010

1099's Hit the Radar*

*Or: Why it's called the "Stupid Party:"

"Many Democrats have joined Republicans in pushing for the repeal of a tax provision in the new health care law that imposes a huge information-reporting burden on small businesses."

The fact that Democrats, facing a potential tidal wave of electoral punishment, are on board with this is quite understandable. Anything to mitigate the damage would be, from their standpoint, a win-win.

But for Republicans to even entertain this idea is abhorrent: ObamaCare© wasn't foisted on us piecemeal, it was jammed down our throats all at once. And that's how it must be defeated, not by "a thousand cuts," but total and complete destruction. It doesn't need to be "fixed," it needs to be eradicated. And you don't accomplish that piece-by-piece, it must be eliminated all at once, as well.

Proof of concept:

"The White House is nervous about a repeal, fearing that it could set a precedent for rolling back other unpopular features of the law."

No, it isn't. The President knows full well that the opposite is true: identifying and lopping off one little piece validates the remainder. One hopes that what passes for Republican leadership understands this, as well.
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