Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turn Up the AC

As in American Community Mutual, the erstwhile group and individual health insurance carrier that's been on the rocks for a while:

"...it appears that the American Community Mutual Insurance Company has hit the skids. According to email from a reliable source, the carrier has entered into a consent agreement with the Ohio Department of Insurance. Under the terms of the agreement, no new business has been accepted from Ohio beginning December 23rd."

Now comes word that its former rival, UnitedHealthcare's Golden Rule Insurance Company (Golden Rule) has "won" the exclusive right to take over AC's "book of business." This is actually the ideal solution for policyholders (as opposed to "the other way"); policyholders who choose to do so can make the switch to Golden Rule with no underwriting or lapse in coverage.

Two additional items of note: first, I had been under the impression that Anthem pretty much "ran the show" in the Michigan market; that UHC aced them out for this makes me go "hmm." And second, it's not clear whether or not agents who wrote the original AC business will continue to receive commissions on it once their insureds make the switch to Golden Rule.
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